At UCF you aren't just a donor, but a member.
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United Conservatives Fund is a member-led political action committee dedicated to advancing the conservative movement and electing true conservative candidates.
But, UCF is more than just another PAC. UCF will function as a member-driven organization. Unlike most PACS, which are tightly controlled by a handful of elite decision makers, UCF members will help determine the activities of the PAC and which candidates and policies it champions. Using the political machine created during the McDaniel Campaign for U.S. Senate, UCF will coordinate the conservative movement in our state, messaging important information and providing educational opportunities to its members. The PAC will also assist worthy candidates with the resources and support needed to be successful.

Letter from Chris McDaniel

History will record 2014 as a pivotal time for the conservative movement.

The establishment showed their true colors, betraying our core principles to defeat my candidacy for U.S. Senate. By using despicable racial scare-tactics and recruiting liberal Democrats into the June GOP primary, establishment Republicans abandoned the party’s platform and sacrificed the conservative base.

We must never forget June 24, 2014. It was a day of awakening for thousands. Mississippi remains our call to action. The national conservative movement is watching carefully, so we must not disappoint.

We will organize, strengthen our ranks, learn to message and win; or they will ridicule us into silence, submission and surrender. Either way, one thing is certain: nothing will ever be the same.

It’s time to unify, friends. We have a republic to heal. Join us. Engage the system. The fight starts here, now.

Remember Mississippi.

Chris McDaniel